Bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy

Nostr Hack & Design

The first ever NostrHack

Northern Lightning Conference

A unique, intimate and interactive experience bringing Bitcoin to a new Nordic city every year.


NOSTR WORLD unconferences celebrate nostr's decentralization

Lightningcon Vietnam

The world's first lightning conference in South East Asia

Bitcoin Bush Bash

A ripper of a bitcoiners weekend

Bitcoin Filmfest

The world's first bitcoin film festival

Bitcoin Island Retreat

Meet dozens of industry leaders — founders, builders and investors from around the globe.

Product & Design Summit 2023

One day summit to bring together designers, product managers, artists, and creators

Bitcoin Alive

A Bitcoin-only conference in Sydney, Australia

₿++ Austin

A developer conference highlighting layer-2 technologies

Bitcoin & Lightning for Corporations

Conference focused on corporate adoption of bitcoin and lightning (part of MicroStrategy World)

Bitcoin Day

Win prizes, interact with other Bitcoin folks, strengthen your knowledge on the topic and learn how to keep and protect your coins!

Bitcoin ₿uilders Conference

A conference for visionaries building the next generation of Bitcoin applications.

Pizza Day Prague

A call to arms for advocates of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer technology.

Bitcoin 2024

The world's largest and most prestigious gathering of the Bitcoin industry

Bitcoin Mining Conference

No Sales & Marketing Noise. Just Pure Bitcoin Mining Signal.

BTC Prague

The biggest bitcoin event in Europe

Oslo Freedom Forum

Global human rights conference that unites diverse communities to make the world more peaceful and free.

The Canadian Bitcoin Conference

High signal, low noise, and bitcoin only

Les Femmes Orange

Bitcoin event made by women for newbies, precoiners and bitcoiners

The Bitcoin Collective

A Night in London

The Bitcoin Rodeo

A two day conference put on by bitcoiners for bitcoiners.

Bitcoin Beach Retreat

Gathering the Bitcoin tribe & retreating to the beach

Mises Karma Live Event

Live podcast and get-together will take place in the Hotel Princess

Mallorca Blockchain Days

Find new friends and exchange ideas in a cozy, private atmosphere.

The Bitcoin Zitadelle

Win prizes, interact with other Bitcoin folks, strengthen your knowledge on the topic and learn how to keep and protect your coins!

The Power of Lightning Summit

An intimate two-day summit focused on bitcoin and lightning.

Bitcoin Thailand Conference

A first-time annual event where Thai Bitcoiners and beyond get together to explore the possibilities of Bitcoin adoption.

The Bitcoin Adventure

Explore, have fun and learn about Bitcoin in a relaxed family environment

Blocktrainer Beach

Event for the German-speaking Bitcoin and especially the Blocktrainer community

Bitcoin Takeover

A bitcoin event, created by plebs for plebs.

Surfin Bitcoin

Meet and exchange with the bitcoin eco-system, in a chill, surf & Bitcoin atmosphere

Baltic Honeybadger

Biggest European Bitcoin-only conference

TABConf 2023

The world’s leading technical bitcoin conference


The largest German-speaking Bitcoin conference

Advancing Bitcoin

Developer conference

MXC Block Party

Mexico’s 1st Bitcoin Block Party

BTC Azores

A Bitcoin Unconference

Watch out, Bitcoin!

A global vision of Bitcoin, its implications and impact in a changing world

Pacific Bitcoin

A two-day experience leading the way to a bright, orange future

Bitcoin 2023 Amsterdam

Join your fellow Bitcoiners in Amsterdam for an an annual celebration of Bitcoin

The Crypto Revolution

The first ever Bulgarian Bitcoin only conference

Plan B Lugano

Bringing together world leaders, technologists and entrepreneurs to discuss nation-state Bitcoin adoption, economics, financial freedom, and freedom of speech

Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

TUnleashing Bitcoin Adoption in Indonesia


The first 100% Bitcoin Festival of Networking and Content in Brasil


Adopting Bitcoin El Salvador

A Lightning Summit in El Salvador

Nostrville 2023

Free two-day summit focused on the future of nostr, with an emphasis on the power of nostr + bitcoin

Africa Bitcoin Conference

Designing Africa of Tomorrow

₿++ Mexico City

A developer conference highlighting layer-2 technologies

Bitcoin Baden

Bitcoin conference for young and old, newbies and professionals


Bitcoin conference and celebrity poker tournament

Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town

Embrace Bitcoin Adoption, become Self-Sovereign, and build Parallel Institutions!

Bitcoin Atlantis

Gathering the main leading voices in Bitcoin at a three-day conference in the middle of the Atlantic.

Bitcoin Halving Party

The 1st ever worldwide halving party


Network with fellow Bitcoiners in Dallas, Texas.