The Coinkite Team built this little site (and over-paid for this domain) to distribute extremely-high-signal bitcoin content.

There are already wonderful sources of information: the Bitcoin repository, Bitcoin OpTech, Bitcoin Magazine, and many others. We want one more yet another–optionality–our voice/goal is to help people understand bitcoin without cheating, in topical article format. We belive most people can learn Bitcoin & Bitcoin Projects technical aspects if explained well, simply and in different ways. For example, we might have 10x articles explaining “BIP39 passphrases”, in different ways until one clicks for everyone.

We are looking for submissions to be hosted here or linked externally. A second phase will include audio readings to further help with accessibility. We will likely automate article releases with tweets from @bitcoinreviewhq, you might want to follow that.

Many of the site functionality still not visible/disabled, so hang in there.

Here is a sample of article ideas:

  • WTF is testnet?
  • How do seed words and pass-phrases work (BIP39 explained)
  • Bitcoin Cryptography, what’s secp256k1?
  • What is Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT - BIP174 explained)
  • Rough consensus FTW, Bitcoin is not a democracy (BIP8&9 - UASF)
  • Signed Messages, PGP principles and Bitcoin messages (BIP124 & 322)
  • How does XOR and SeedXOR work.

<3 NVK

PS: We also hiring writers seeking to create this kind of content. Reach out here

PPS: forgive typos, life is too short to review text too many times.