Below is a comprehensive list of all the Bitcoin projects that we track for discussing updates on the Bitcoin.Review podcast.

Bitcoin Core

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree [Github]
  • HWI: Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Interface [Github]

Coinkite Products

Signing Devices:

Desktop Wallets:


Mobile Wallets

Bitcoin Testnet

Lightning Implementations

Lightning Tools and Projects

Lightning Testing

  • lnprototest: A Testsuite for the Lightning Network Protocol [Github]
  • sim-ln [Github]
  • scaling-lightning: A Testing Toolkit for the Lightning Network [Github]


Dev Kits/Primatives/Protocols


Node management

Privacy Tools

Block Explorers:


Federated Cash

Podcasting 2.0



Hobbyist Projects

Tools & Productivity

  • BIP39-XOR: Encrypt or decrypt BIP39 codewords array using exclusive OR (XOR)/Vernam cipher [Github]
  • LabelBase [Github]
  • Pylabelbase: official Python API wrapper for LabelBase
  • SMS4Sats
  • Zaprite [Website/Blog] - Bitcoin invoicing, project management and expense tracking
  • Wavlake: The first-ever Lightning-powered music streaming site
  • SeedHammer: Steel backup specialized for bitcoin multisig wallets [Github]
  • txpusher: conditional transaction broadcasting tool

Smart contracts

  • BitMask
    • A Bitcoin-only web wallet and browser extension for accessing decentralized web applications on the Bitcoin timechain.
    • It is designed to support UTXO-based smart contracting protocols such as RGB, in addition to Lightning payments.

Privacy Software