Below is a comprehensive list of all the Bitcoin projects that we track for discussing updates on the Bitcoin.Review podcast. The version number given is either the last major update we have reviewed for discussion on the podcast or the last logged change which we have considered for review/discussion.

Bitcoin Core

Coinkite Products

Signing Devices:

Desktop Wallets:


Mobile Wallets

Bitcoin Testnet

Lightning Implementations

Lightning Tools and Projects

Lightning Testing


Dev Kits/Primatives/Protocols


Node management

Privacy Tools

Block Explorers:


Federated Cash

  • Cashu Nutshell: Chaumian Ecash wallet and mint for Bitcoin Lightning [v0.14.1]
  • Fedimint [v0.2.1]
  • nuststash [v0.1.12]
  • Nutstash Browser Extension: Cashu Browser Extension
  • eNuts [v0.2.1-beta]
  • cashcrab: A Cashu wallet with a flutter UI and with as much logic as possible in rust using cashu-crab with nostr integration for contacts and messaging.
  • Minibits Wallet [v0.1.5-beta.29]

Podcasting 2.0



Hobbyist Projects

Tools & Productivity

  • SMS4Sats [v0.3.3]
  • Zaprite [Website/Blog] - Bitcoin invoicing, project management and expense tracking
  • Wavlake: The first-ever Lightning-powered music streaming site

Smart contracts

  • BitMask
    • A Bitcoin-only web wallet and browser extension for accessing decentralized web applications on the Bitcoin timechain.
    • It is designed to support UTXO-based smart contracting protocols such as RGB, in addition to Lightning payments.

Privacy Software