Below is a comprehensive list of all the Nostr projects that we track for discussing updates on the Bitcoin.Review podcast. The version number given is either the last major update we have reviewed for discussion on the podcast or the last logged change which we have considered for review/discussion.

Dev Kits/Primatives/Protocols



  • nostream [v1.25.2] - A nostr relay, written in Typescript.
  • nostrnode-cli [Github / iOS / Mac [The #nostrnode Testflight]]



Other Nostr Projects

  • nblog [v0.4.1]
  • Arcade [v0.3.2-beta]
  • Mostro - A lightning Network peer-to-peer exchange platform built on Nostr [Website/Github [v0.8.1]]
  • OstrichGram: Chat software for the Nostr network. Join group chatrooms on Nostr and message your friends. [v0.4]
  • nostr-zap: Zap any Nostr npub or note from anywhere [Github]
  • Agora [Website / Andrew]
  • Satellite CDN: Scalable media hosting for the nostr ecosystem [Website / Github]
  • Nostr Mesh: Self-Heaing ESP32 Nostr-Arduino Based Mesh-Network
  • Highlighter [Website / Pablo]
  • Highlighter Chrome Extension [Github]
  • nostrss: Lightweight and flexible bridge beetween RSS feeds and Nostr protocol
  • Nostr Nests [Github]
  • [Website / Github]
  • Postr: Payjoin Using Nostr
  • swarmstr
  • Vault: A free, open source, and decentralized password manager [Github [v1.0.2] / Chrome]
  • Magic Webstore: A simple bitcoin webstore with whisper addresses for enhanced privacy
  • Spring - The Nostr Browser [Github]
  • Pulsar: An encrypted chat app that masks your metadata. [Github / Clearnet Site / TOR Site]
  • Amber: Nostr event signer for Android [Github [v0.0.8]]
  • Ditto: An efficient and flexible social media server [Website / GitLab]

Browser extentions

  • nostr-keyx: Nostr Key Management Extension [v1.5.0]

Bitcoin integration