Hello and welcome to Bitcoin.Review Episode 01!

Scratching my own itch, this is a best efforts place to talk about Bitcoin Project software updates and some other commentary that I find interesting or noteworthy to me. I also would like to invite you to send Bitcoin related questions, just go to bitcoin.review and click submit story at the top right.

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Big thanks to Matt Odell for graciously joining me (NVK) as my first guest.

This is how this pod started (Today) https://twitter.com/nvk/status/1541419774504222720

Software Releases

  • HWI 2.1.1
  • COLDCARD Mk4 Firmware 5.0.4
  • COLDCARD Mk3 Firmware 4.1.5
  • BTC Pay Server v1.5
  • BlueWallet 6.2.18 + 6.2.17
  • COLDCORE 0.3.1
  • FullyNoded 0.3.3 Apr 5, 2022
  • Electrum 4.2.2
  • SpecterDesktop
  • Sparrow 1.6.3
  • BlueWallet 6.2.17
  • Memepool.space
  • Fountain v0.4.0