BR002 - Coinkite Cards, Zeus, Zeus, Sparrow, EmbassyOS, Robosats & MORE ft. Justin Moon & Odell

Hello and welcome to Bitcoin.Review Episode 02!

I Scratched my own itch with Episode 01, so this will keep going as my best efforts place to talk about Bitcoin Project software updates and some other commentary that I find interesting or noteworthy to me. To send Bitcoin related questions, just go to and click submit story at the top right.

This week I have Justin Moon and Matt Odell helping me read the list.

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Software Releases & Project Updates:

  • 01:47 BTCPayServer 1.6 => 1.6.1
    • Vulnerability disclosed via CVE and fixed
    • Lightning dashboard ⚡️
    • Invoice receipts 🧾
    • Automatic emails for events 📧
    • LNURL-withdraw support for payouts(refunds) 🔄
    • Joomla Integration, NFC support plugin and mooore!
  • 07:45 COLDCARD Mk4 5.0.5 & BIP85 Password extension
  • 09:06 Electrum Private Server 0.2.4 by Chris Belcher
    • Fixed crash caused by deprecated RPC in Bitcoin Core 23.0
    • Added signet support
  • 09:25 Coinkite Cards 1.0.2 released (SATSCHIP, TAPSIGNER & SATSCARD)
    • Bug fixes and getting ready to release
    • Satschip gallery and NFC reader + CLI program for artists to submit.
  • 13:56 CK tap protocol 1.0.5
    • add ability to derive non hardened derivations with library (not possible with card - card can only derive hardened path components)
    • ‘sign_digest’ accepts new ‘fullpath’ parameter where full bip 32 string path can be passed
    • support for SATSCHIP v1.0.0 product
    • shell output for backup command improved
    • adds card.product_name string
  • 15:46 CK-TAP React Native Open Library built by the Hexa wallet team claimed the bounty released
  • 16:36 Zeus v0.6.5 release
    • Send to Bech32m (Taproot) addresses
    • Receive to P2TR (Taproot) addresses (LND v0.15+ only)
    • Enhanced Android NFC support
    • Much improved Spark support
  • 17:40 Blockstream Green QT Release 1.1.2
    • Changed; Refactor json conversion
    • Fixed; utf8 memo, Fix for assets with no ticker or issuer
  • 22:13 Sparrow 1.6.5
    • Add Ledger Nano S Plus support
    • Allow watch-only keystores to enable signing from matching connected hardware wallets
    • Import gap limit from Electrum wallets
    • And lots of bug fixes
  • 27:02 Blue Wallet v6.3.1
    • FIX: Lightning Wallets would fail under Tor
    • 6.3.0
      • Passphrase support on Multisig
      • Import BIP39 multi language
      • LNurl-Auth (Login with Lightning)
  • 34:00 Start9 EmbassyOS 0.3.1
    • new password reset flow -selective backups -Javascript execution environment -library to import your Embassy package projects -ability to side load packages directly from your Embassy dashboard -refactors, bug fixes, performance improvements
    • A Nice guide for connecting Bisq to Start9


  • 36:04 My buddy Marshall and some of his friends in China made a man in the middle overclocking board for the s19 - Pleb OC by OGBTC and [here] - The video in the tweet shows a 95TH, model going to 111th, No voided warranty. No flashing firmware. Plug and play (
  • 37:38 Nunchuk/TAPSIGNER NFC bitcoin co-signing demo (
  • 38:39 Authenticate into the Private Club and use SATSCARD behind the bar as creditless collateral for your tab. Pirate Memember by Mike Kelly and new demo here.
  • 43:53 LightningNetworkPCB by sulfuroid
  • 44:29 Spacechain by Ruben - Permissionless one-way pegged #Bitcoin sidechains – all value goes to BTC holders, all fees go to BTC miners. Stablecoins, NFTs, fed. pegs, low-value payments, DNS, and more.
  • 48:32 Silent Payment and here and github
  • 59:00 Fedimint is a framework for building federated bitcoin applications. The first such application is a Chaumian mint that connects to the lightning network; a private, custodial lightning wallet. We’ve been able to send lightning payments for a while, but now we can generate a lightning invoice and get paid in via lightning gateway as well. Learn more about Fedimint in our Discord
  • 01:12:12 Liquid Fuji Money - Borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins, synthetic stocks & bonds without intermediaries.
  • 01:13:52 Unchained has a new trading desk (buying bitcoin exclusively) expansion. Buy bitcoin directly to cold storage vaults and effect final settlement faster than anywhere in the world. You can do it in app now, and we’re available in 24 states. bitcoin IRA product has been really growing and our trading product is available in Tx and FL with 5k minimums. That’s a pilot we’re hoping to open up in September to 30+ states.
  • 01:14:54 bitcoin-s merged taproot support
  • 01:15:14 Casa made it possible for other apps to integrate with it so that they can provide functionality to Casa users. Initial functionality allows the integrator to view the wallet balance or get a deposit address.
  • 01:15:38 Hoseki - Bitcoin proof-of-asset
  • 01:22:45 Robosats - A Simple and Private Lightning P2P Exchange

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

  • 208
    • 01:28:54 Half aggregation of BIP340 signatures: Jonas Nick posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list a draft BIP and blog post about half aggregation of Bitcoin’s schnorr signatures. As mentioned in the blog post, the proposal “allows aggregating multiple schnorr signatures into a single signature that is about half as long as the sum of the individual signatures. Importantly, this scheme is non-interactive, which means that a set of signatures can be half-aggregated by a third party without any involvement from the signers.”
  • 207
    • 01:33:50 Long-term block reward funding
    • 01:37:29 Bitcoin Core #24836 adds a regtest-only RPC, submitpackage, to help L2 protocol and application developers who intend to use package relay in the future test their transactions against the Bitcoin Core default package policy. The current policy is outlined here. This RPC can also be used to test future additions and changes, such as the proposed package RBF rules.
    • 01:40:55 Bitcoin Core #22558 adds support for BIP371’s additional PSBT fields (see Newsletter #155 for taproot.
    • 01:41:14 BDK #611 begins setting the nLockTime of new transactions to the height of the most recent block by default, enabling anti fee sniping.
  • 206

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