I’m joined by guests BentheCarman & Bitcoin Gandalf.

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  • 00:01:55 BinaryWatch.org website is now live! Make sure to follow the bot. Lots of updates still coming to the UI and more project’s binnaries to being watched.
  • 00:08:36 V4V
    • Awesome traction on V4V episode - thanks for all the boosts and streaming sats. (We’re V4V converts!)
    • We intend to stay ad free and do V4V
  • 00:09:26 Coinkite updates
    • SATSCARD & TAPSIGNER working working with brands and artists for rev share on designs
    • Glassnode data coming to blockclock
    • COLDCARD Taproot - Yes, we also want it. Taproot signing on COLDCARD is on the road map. Don’t worry!
    • Coinkite is looking to integrate SATSCARD deposit & sweeping on lightning wallets that support base layer, if you are a code contributor to some of these projects capable of making those PRs and getting them merged please get in touch!
    • We will be starting the revenue share program with artists soon and also card white label for wallet projects, if you are interested in having your art featured or becoming a partner for SATSCARD/TAPSIGNER reach out to sales at coinkite dot com

Software Releases & Project Updates

  • 00:10:20 Bitcoin Core version 24.0
    • P2P and network changes
      • To address a potential denial-of-service, the logic to download headers from peers has been reworked. This is particularly relevant for nodes starting up for the first time (or for nodes which are starting up after being offline for a long time).
    • Updated RPCs
    • New RPCs
    • Updated REST APIs
    • Build System
      • Guix builds are now reproducible across architectures (x86_64 & aarch64). (#21194)
    • New settings
      • A new mempoolfullrbf option has been added, which enables the mempool to accept transaction replacement without enforcing BIP125 replaceability signaling.
    • Wallet
      • The -walletrbf startup option will now default to true. The wallet will now default to opt-in RBF on transactions that it creates.
      • The replaceable option for the createrawtransaction and createpsbt RPCs will now default to true. Transactions created with these RPCs will default to having opt-in RBF enabled.
    • Migrating Legacy Wallets to Descriptor Wallets
      • An experimental RPC migratewallet has been added to migrate Legacy (non-descriptor) wallets to Descriptor wallets.
    • GUI changes
      • A new menu item to restore a wallet from a backup file has been added (gui#471).
  • 00:26:59 Sparrow 1.7.1
    • Add icons to wallet tabs for PayNym and hardware wallets, and support custom icons through tab context menu
    • Broadcast premix transactions from Terminal using Mix Selected on UTXOs
    • Show address as QR code in Terminal
    • Change QR code density for UR encoding via QR display dialog button
  • 00:28:56 Libwally Swift v0.0.7
    • Bump libwally-core to 0.8.6
    • Improved build scripts for libwally-core and M1 mac support by @jurvis
    • Switch libsecp256k1-zkp to vanilla libsecp256k1 and match Bitcoin Core’s commit
    • Use libwally’s BIP32 path parsing for derivations (this removes BIP32Path)
  • 00:30:11 BTC Pay Server 1.7.0
    • New version of the checkout as opt-in feature
    • Request customer data with forms for email and shipping address
    • Server settings: Add option to customize the instance logo
    • Store settings: Add branding options
    • Greenfield: Store Rates Config
    • Greenfield: Get Lightning invoices
    • Greenfield: Create payment request invoices
    • Greenfield: Allow marking payout status and payment proofs
    • Greenfield: Wallet Objects
    • Greenfield: Add crowdfund app create endpoint
    • Add Lightning Service Torq
  • 00:31:48 Fully Noded: The #nostrnode Testflight
    • This is the cli version of nostrnode. nostrnode-cli has fewer dependencies and is pure python, set it up as a service alongside Bitcoin Core. You should experience increased speed, ease of use and reliability. Currently in testing. iOS/Mac
  • 00:32:09 lnd v0.15.5-beta
    • Fixes some bugs related to taproot output used with the remote signer features, add some additional validation checks before using addresses.
    • Fixes a bug that would soak up CPU when a peer stalled the funding flow.
  • 00:33:50 Core Lightning v22.11: “Alameda Yield Generator”, Dec 1 2022
    • Reckless is a new plugin manager that you can use to install and uninstall plugins with a single command.
    • Autoclean has become much more powerful and efficient, especially for larger nodes.
    • A new filter API can be used to extract only fields you are interested in from most JSON-RPC commands.
  • 00:46:11 BlueWallet LDK (non-custodial, in dev)
    • When adding a new wallet, press the Lightning button 10 times (thanks to @callebtc for this tip)
  • 00:46:29 eclair-v0.8.0
    • Adds official support for two important lightning features: zero-conf channels and channel aliases.
      • Zeroconf channels make it possible to use a newly created channel before the funding tx is confirmed on the blockchain.
      • Channel aliases offer a way to use arbitrary channel identifiers for routing. This feature improves privacy by not leaking the funding transaction of the channel during payments.
    • Adds experimental support for dual-funding and a lot of preparatory work for Bolt 12 offers.
    • Lots of ground work on blinded paths, onion messages, offers (bolt12)
  • 00:48:25 The Mempool Open Source Project™ v2.4.0
    • All-new mining dashboard with 7 new mining graphs
    • Added “bitfeed style” mempool block visualization
    • Improved blocks page that identifies mining pools
    • Improved fee suggestions with a “no priority” rate
  • 00:51:30 The Bitcoin Company adds support for on-chain payments, Nov 25 2022
  • 00:53:30 LiquidOps beta release - Lightning node management software by bolt.observer
  • 00:53:45 BDK 0.25.0
    • This release fixes slow sync time and big script_pubkeys table with SQLite, the wallet rescan height for the FullyNodedExport and setting the network for keys in the KeyMap when using descriptor templates. Also added are new blockchain and mnemonic examples.

Project spotlight

  • 00:54:57 SatsCrap Bitcoin P2P Marketplace Launches: Sell or Buy Any Item for Bitcoin Without KYC
    • Operated by the same team as successful bitcoin art marketplace Scarce City. The marketplace does not use logins, bank accounts or a registration process.
  • 00:57:11 Hoseki Proof of Reserves
    • Public board of attested on-chain Bitcoin ownership.
    • User’s have verified their accounts and have proved access to private keys of Bitcoin.
    • The balance represents an aggregate of user funds in cold storage or individual address verification.
    • No two users can claim access to the same funds.
    • All funds are uniquely verified and unique with respect to anyone else on the platform.
  • 00:58:18 Satimoto: Charge your electric vehicle and pay instantly using #Bitcoin over the #LightningNetwork (demo)
    • No sign-up, no credit cards
  • 00:59:03 smartino: Bitcoin full node on Android
  • 00:59:53 Mutiny Wallet
  • 01:02:02 Wavlake The first-ever Lightning-powered music streaming site


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Audience Questions

  • 01:36:04 “What’s the vision for the future of self custody? It seems Satoshi’s idea is every individual would have a HWW but that doesn’t seem practical for widespread self custody. I’ve seen videos of people in Africa using modern day Nokias to send and transact BTC P2P over a cellular connection. Can you custody on device like that?” -@M0rry
  • 01:39:27 According to BlueWallet they always allowed you to use lightning non custodial since day one. But it’s commonly considered a custodial wallet (prior to allowing the creation of LDK wallets very recently). Where is the confusion coming from? Please ELI5. - STACK TO THE FUTURE
  • 01:40:13 What if all the miners got hacked with an unstoppable virus? - M0rry


  • 01:42:38 Phoenix (NVK) “Loving this wallet, very bullish on their channel splits work. They told me 2 tweeks… wink-wink” - NVK



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