I’m joined by guests Jack Dorsey, Fiatjaf and William Casarin to discuss Nostr.

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Discussion Topics:

  • 00:01:56 What is Nostr?
  • 00:03:24 State of development for Nostr
  • 00:04:16 What attracted Jack to Nostr?
  • 00:06:11 NVKs initial thoughts on Nostr
  • 00:07:03 Nostr versus “competitors”
  • 00:13:42 The simplicity of the Nostr protocol
  • 00:18:00 How does Nostr work?
  • 00:21:19 NIPs and maintaining Nostr
  • 00:22:50 What is Nostr seeking to solve?
  • 00:32:21 Nostr relationship with Bitcoin
  • 00:43:10 Nostr use cases
  • 01:11:14 Key management
  • 01:17:16 Cryptography and encryption
  • 01:19:40 Exploring unique use cases
  • 01:24:12 Experimenting with new technology
  • 01:25:17 Simplicity of Nostr and scaling applications
  • 01:28:01 Micro apps and realising creative concpets
  • 01:34:03 Scaling up and censorship resistance
  • 01:40:03 How does Nostr win?
  • 01:56:57 Final thoughts and what people can do to help Nostr

Notes & Resources






  • nashboard - A Nostr network dashboard with network statistics
  • nostr.io - Network statistics with last published notes, top 50 publishers, and top 50 followed users
  • nostr.band - Nostr Real Time Statistics

Community Groups

I’m ready, where do I get started?

Nostr clients:

  • iOS:
    • Damus https://damus.io
  • Android:
    • Amethyst https://github.com/vitorpamplona/amethyst
    • Nostros https://github.com/KoalaSat/nostros
  • Web Clients (for web clients use the getAlby.com browser extension):
    • https://nostrgram.co
    • https://iris.to
    • https://astral.ninja/
    • https://snort.social
    • https://Yosup.app

Initial people to follow:

  • https://brb.io/n/note1j25chytjcj7auegkt58fwtg7azsuu7n0ja42nw4kd42khcuh79escu2pw6

Find people to follow from twitter:

  • https://nostr.directory/

How to upload images:

  • https://nostr.build/ and post an URL link.
  • https://Imgur.com copy the img url and post it

How do I get verified with NIP5:

  • https://nvk.org/n00b-nip5

More information for the rabbit hole:

  • https://uselessshit.co/resources/nostr
  • https://nostr-resources.com
  • https://www.nostr.how/

Dev? Nostr work bounties:

  • https://bountsr.org

Episode submission ideas

  • We’re looking for ideas for interesting panel conversations. To send Bitcoin related questions, just go to bitcoin.review and follow the contact links at the bottom of the page.

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