I’m joined by guests Sjors Provoost, James O’Beirne & Mike Schmidt to discuss Bitcoin Core development.

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Discussion Topics:

  • 00:00:52 Guest introductions
  • 00:07:48 The beginning of Bitcoin development
  • 00:12:08 Modern Bitcoin development
  • 00:12:57 The process for making basic changes to Bitcoin
  • 00:23:35 Who decides what gets worked on?
  • 00:39:05 Who chooses what gets merged?
  • 00:46:31 BIPs
  • 01:00:03 Is Github centralisation a risk?
  • 01:05:27 Activation methods
  • 01:28:30 Improving Bitcoin development and visibility/perception of development
  • 01:49:35 Audience questions

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