I’m joined by guests Nicholas Gregory Rijndael & Matt Odell to go through the list.

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  • 00:01:37 Coldcard colors
  • 00:01:51 Coldcard Q1 PCB test production
  • 00:02:36 Miami BTC Sessions Workshop
  • 00:02:46 If you want to learn about SegWit and a bunch of cryptographic stuff listen to the last episode

Software Releases & Project Updates


  • 00:04:08 Sparrow v1.7.4
    • Generate or load Border Wallets grids to enter memorizable seeds
    • Update Tor to v0.4.7.13 using the kmp-tor library
    • Darker dark theme and other styling improvements
    • Signed Windows installer binary
    • Autosuggest all possible words for the last word when entering a BIP39 seed
    • Add diynodes.com public mainnet Electrum server
    • Use the Whirlpool premix priority slider to change mixFeeTarget (the additional fee amount added to premix UTXOs)
    • Display a warning if the chosen mixFeeTarget fee rate is much lower than that of normal priority
    • Change the wallet gap limit and subscribe to new addresses if an address beyond the gap limit range is requested
    • Support saving a Tapsigner backup as binary file
    • Show PSBT QRs more compactly (without non-witness-utxo entries) for all multisig segwit signing wallets
    • Use different addresses when sending batched payments to the same PayNym
    • Add context menu to amount cells to copy values
  • 00:08:18 Specter Desktop v2.0.1
    • Feature: Enable Taproot support for Trezor
    • Swan plugin: New design, improved UX and bug fixes
  • 00:08:41 Wasabi
    • v2.0.3 WasabiGPT (Proof of concept)
    • The First AI Bitcoin Wallet
    • Proof of concept for testnet
    • Features: Sending, receiving Bitcoin via WasabiGPT assistant
    • Not planning to integrate WasabiGPT into Wasabi Wallet unless there’s overwhelming interest.
    • v2.0.3
    • Taproot coinjoin signing and taproot change outputs
    • Opt-in manual coin control for payments
    • Improved wallet loading speed
    • Native run on mac ARM64 without Rosetta (x64 emulator)
    • Improved dust attack prevention
  • 00:11:30 Mercury Wallet v0.8.10
    • Fix repeat seed generation
    • Network connection info
  • 00:24:23 Nunchuk android v1.9.28 / iOS v1.9.23
    • Add support for 168 local currencies
  • 00:24:31 The Mempool Open Source Project v2.5.0
    • Lightning Network Explorer
    • LND and CLN support
    • GeoIP integration
    • Channel forensic
    • Visualized mined blocks
    • Optional getBlockTemplate algoritm for accurate mempool prediction
    • Block audit with health score
    • Historical fiat prices and currency selector
    • Difficulty adjustment widget
    • Historical CPFP data
    • Smarter search bar in dark mode
    • The blockchain now scrolls and jumps to any block
    • The blockchain- and mempool blocks orientation can be flipped
    • New languages: Lithuanian, Danish, Nepalese
  • 00:29:26 Robosats
    • Fixes onchain payout race-condition.
    • LN payouts are more reliable.
    • New UI elements when a order with onchain payout finished. Now users are shown temporarily (up to 60 seconds) a spinner “sending coins…” with a link to mempool space for their address. Then, it shows the TXID.
  • 00:36:32 Cashu NUT-08: Lower Lightning fees
    • Implements NUT-08: mint returns overpaid Lightning fees to wallet
    • New FakeWallet backend for testing
    • PostgreSQL support enabled (@trbouma)
    • CLI improvements (@sihamon)
    • Use Pydantic settings class
  • 00:38:02 Liana v0.3.1 hot and Advancing! (And fixed!)
    • Patched version of the 0.3 release
    • Fixes bug where the mnemonics might not be stored by the wallet nor shown to the user for backup when using the GUI installer with the newly released hot key support
    • Bitbox firmware v9.14.0
    • Improved touch button positional accuracy in noisy environments
    • Increased performance when signing Bitcoin transactions
    • Warn if the transaction fee is higher than 10% of the coins sent
  • 00:38:45 Samurai Dojo v1.19.0
    • Updated Bitcoin Core v24.0.1
    • This version of Bitcoin Core has a support for -mempoolfullrbf option.
    • This option is disabled by default in Samourai Dojo.
    • Added option to use Auth47 for DMT auth
    • Users are now able to add their payment code. Inside conf/docker-node.conf just assign your payment code to the NODE_PAYMENT_CODE variable.
    • Updated Whirlpool CLI v0.10.16
    • This version of WHirlpool CLI brings several stability improvements that will help mixing to keep running even with Tor network disruptions.
  • 00:39:18 HodlHodl Major Improvements
    • UI/UX improvements
    • Added new regions: LATAM, Asia, and Africa
    • New version of the OFFER CREATE and OFFER ACCEPT pages
    • Improved mobile version, now you can accept or create offers on the go


  • 00:41:35 Blixt v0.6.5
    • Added the ability to set maximum LN fee for a payment, proportional to the amount
    • Added the ability to change lnd log level
  • 00:43:18 Zeus v0.7.4
    • Fee bumping
    • Channel sorting and filtering
    • Default invoice settings
    • Single channel view redesign
    • Activity filters: add ability to filter out unpaid invoices
    • Persistent Activity filters
    • 23 new fiat currencies
    • 7 new themes
    • Display setting: big keypad buttons
  • 00:45:18 Blink (Formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
    • Renamed to Blink
    • v2.1.79
    • Lnurlw success icon
    • Fixed: Contact list not reinitialized correctly when tapping the cross
    • Scanning an expired invoice shows new alert
  • 00:51:02 TORQ v0.19.1
    • Dashboard page showing on and off chain balances as well as other summary information
    • More advanced automation including multi-staged workflows and actions for setting channel policy and running a rebalance between channels
    • Most pages auto refresh their data but also include a manual refresh button
    • Added the ability to export channel and forwarding data to CSV
  • 00:53:16 LND v0.16.0
    • Pathfinding upgrades
    • Watchtower improvements
    • RPC updates for devs
    • Moar backend options
  • 00:54:30 Core Lightning v23.02.2: CBDC Backing Layer III
    • Pay requiring a full description (not just a hash) has been pushed back, since it broke BTCPayServer and lnbits.
    • Zombie channels change reverted as some pruned channels were found to still be functional.
    • Static channel backups no longer sent to nodes not advertising peer storage feature.
  • 00:55:33 Lightning Terminal v0.9.0-alpha
    • This release of Lightning Terminal (LiT) includes updates to the versions of the integrated LND, Pool, Loop and Faraday daemons
  • 00:55:48 The Bitcoin Company v1.27
    • Earn rewards automatically by linking your Visa or Mastercard in our app, shopping as you normally would, and watching the satsback at partner merchants roll in.
    • Send a gift card as a gift via email or Nostr DM.
    • Set a preferred Bitcoin address payment type (P2SH, Segwit, Taproot)
  • 00:57:25 ZEBEDEE Borderless Payments
    • New feature for borderless payments lets users go from one local currency to another in seconds.
  • 00:57:35 LNURL-pay extension
    • Now this extension contains the option to create a Lightning Address for each LNURL-pay code you create


  • 00:57:58 Damus
    • 1.4.0
    • Local zap notifications
    • Add support for video uploads
    • Auto Translation
    • Portuguese, Spanish & Vietnamese translations
  • 00:58:19 Nosotros
    • v0.3.2.3-alpha
    • NIP-27 supported and used as main implementation for mentions and reposting
    • Mentions and repost improved in Groups and DMs
    • Security updates
  • 00:58:22 Amethyst
    • v0.32.0
    • Adds NIP 69 (Polls) support
    • Adds Show QR option to Profile screen
  • 00:58:56 snort.social
    • v0.1.6
    • Snort NIP5 management page
    • Short links for Snort NIP5 owners
    • Update Wavlake embed to support .com links
  • 00:59:04 Nostri.chat v0.1.5
    • Zap on public chats
    • Zap DMs
    • Demo
  • 00:59:12 Algia v0.0.15
    • Nostr CLI client written in Go
  • 01:01:37 BRB.io


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Project spotlight

  • 01:05:35 The Bitcoin Time Capsule
    • Create a timelocked wallet on BTCapsule, and when the time comes, your bitcoin will be available to whomever you choose.
    • BTCapsule creates a P2SH address that is timelocked to 500,000,001 (one second above the earliest timestamp recognized by the Bitcoin network) at the script level.
    • The sender wallet contains a raw transaction that is timelocked to 500,000,001 at the transaction level and allows you, the original holder, to redeem your Bitcoin at any time.
    • The receiver wallet contains a raw transaction that is locked at whatever date you choose, which is then converted to a unix timestamp.
  • 01:06:39 Speed Bitcoin POS
    • Mobile app providing a lightning payment-based point-of-sale solution
  • 01:06:48 blowater
    • Nostr web client focusing on chat
  • 01:07:06 10101
    • A fully self-custodial Lightning and Bitcoin Wallet featuring trustless stable sats and trading powered by DLCs.
  • 01:08:15 Boltcards With LEDs That Light Up When You Use Them
  • 01:08:53 Plebbin - Peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace
    • Buy, Sell, Rent, Exchange or Learn
  • 01:10:51 Floresta - Utreexo-powered Electrum Server implementation Launched
    • A user-friendly and resource-efficient implementation of an Electrum Server that allows even novice users to run the software
    • Source code and releases are available on GitHub
  • 01:12:40 BDK v1.0.0-alpha.0 Pre-release
  • 01:16:23 OpenOrdex is an open source zero-fee trustless Bitcoin NFT marketplace based on partially signed bitcoin transactions
    • The seller creates a partially signed bitcoin transaction (PSBT) specifying the price of the ordinal.
    • The buyer can then sign the PSBT and broadcast it to the network.

News & Noteworthy

Odells’s Picks

  • 01:19:35 Mutiny Wallet raised just over $300k during our preseed funding round
  • 01:22:56 The Mullvad Browser Released
    • A privacy-focused web browser developed in a collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project
    • Designed to minimize tracking and fingerprinting.
    • It’s TOR Browser to use without the TOR Network. Instead, you can use it with a trustworthy VPN.
    • The idea is to provide one more alternative – beside the TOR Network – to browse the internet with more privacy.

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

  • 01:25:03 243
    • TypeScript library for miniscript descriptors released
    • The TypeScript-based Bitcoin Descriptors Library has support for PSBTs, descriptors, and miniscript.
    • This includes support for signing directly or when using certain hardware signing devices.

News & Noteworthy Cont.


  • 01:25:30 Block Hardware Wallet first look: Bitkey
  • 01:32:28 MicroStrategy Repays $205M Bitcoin-Collateralized Loan in Full at 22% Discount for $160M, Acquires Additional 6,455 BTC and Now Holds 138,955 BTC [Microstrategy]
  • 01:33:21 Bitcoin Product Community launched to drive high-impact free and open source software (FOSS) and commercial projects within the bitcoin ecosystem
  • 01:35:16 ZeroSync
    • ZeroSync Association launches to bring zero-knowledge proofs to Bitcoin [Press Release]
    • ZeroSync and Blockstream to Broadcast Bitcoin Zero-Knowledge Proofs From Space [Coindesk]

Lightning & L2

  • 01:38:28 lnroom.live - Learn how to hack on Core Lightning (Tutorial Series)
  • 01:38:41 What Are Blinded Paths And How Do They Work? Educational Article by Voltage
  • 01:38:46 c= Lightning node is now up and running
  • 01:38:55 “The future of lightning is non-custodial” - Igor Korsakov, founder of BlueWallet Alex Waltz
  • 01:39:04 BoltCard Wallet launched a new LNDhub-based wallet [Website/Github/iOS]
    • BoltCard forked blue wallet and added bolt card linking capability to make it easier to get going with bolt cards
  • 01:39:12 Bitfinex Labs releases the first fully working lightning network node that supports RGB assets
    • It connects to Bolt Card Hub (LNDHub fork)
    • Based on the Lightning Development Kit (LDK)
    • Still in a prototype stage, but you can now test it to create RGB asset denominated channels and route RGB payments across multiple channels
  • 01:39:26 Lightning Prisms
  • 01:39:31 Lightning on Blockstream Green first look
  • 01:39:36 Kollider Wallet Launched [Announcement]
    • The First Ever Browser Based Lightning Wallet with Synthetic Stablecoins
    • Features: Hold BTC, USD, and EUR Balances, Currency Swaps, Lightning Login, Lightning Addresses, Fast and Easy Payments, On-Chain Deposits and Withdrawals, Nostr Key Management, Lightning / Nostr Search, Lightning App Directory
  • 01:40:07 Strike Brings Lightning-Fast Money Transfers from the U.S. to Vietnam [Yahoo]
  • 01:40:12 Route blinding added to the Lightning specification


  • 01:40:35 Ben Carman Ran some analytics on zaps on nostr
    • 95% of users have their lightning address set to a custodial wallet
    • 91% of all zaps by volume have gone to a custodial wallet
    • Wallet of Satoshi is the clear winner of 50% of users and 67.5% of volume
  • 01:41:49 DIY Nostr signing device launched by lnbits
  • 01:41:57 Self hosted blog bounty claimed by @1chakany
    • This is a Ghost Blog replacement using Nostr.
    • Repository/Demo site
    • If you find this project useful, please contribute. (Especially front end devs.)
  • 01:43:07 Two more Nostr bounties added.
    • 1st is a long form (kind23) bounty.
    • A Ghost-blog like self-hosted replacement on Nostr.
    • This would help companies move their corporate blogs to Nostr and still serve on the web.
    • Details: https://bountsr.org/code/2023/03/02/nostr-self-hosted-blog.html
    • 2nd is a podcast RSS feed mirror/replacement
    • The main goal is to replace RSS for podcasts, and eventually have podcasts players that understand it. So that users would just follow some pubkey and the authors podcast feed magically appears on the podcast client feed.
    • Details: https://bountsr.org/code/2023/03/02/podcast-RSS.html
  • 01:43:56 Stemstr
    • Stemstr is the web app for sharing the sounds you create in any DAW and then connecting with other producers to collaborate or to just find great sounds to make your own music with.


  • 01:44:15 Twitter may be banning search while using some VPNs Mullvad & ProtonVPN
  • 01:44:36 Justice Department Investigation Leads to Takedown of Darknet Cryptocurrency Mixer ‘ChipMixer’ that Processed Over $3 Billion of Unlawful Transactions [DOJ]
  • 01:45:09 RoninDojo launches privacy phone RoninMobile
    • Two models. A cheaper entry model (Pixel 6A), or a more powerful model (Pixel 6) for those that demand high performance


Government & Political


  • 01:46:01 Bitcoin’s hashrate touched 400 Exahash [Twitter Post]
    • At the current growth rate in 2023, we’d reach a Zettahash by the end of 2025
    • ~44 Exahash went to Foundry, ~29 to AntPool, ~8 to F2Pool, ~7 to Binance Pool, and -4 on Braiins Pool. Everything else are <1% changes.
    • The total # of active ASICs is in the 4-4.5M range.
    • Many of those are older, less efficient models.
    • Unused inventories are more recent models.
    • 100k inactive ASICs going online (+2.5%) would add ~12-18 EH/s (+3.5-5%)


  • 01:46:40 Nostr Japan announced for Novemeber 1-3
  • 01:47:42 The SATSx Hackathon successfully united 11 innovative projects


  • 01:47:49 MercadoLibre Enables Bitcoin Trading in Chile [LinkedIn Announcement]
  • 01:47:55 El Salvador Launches Cubo+ Educational Program Aimed At Producing Elite Bitcoin And Lightning Developers [Bitcoin Magazine]
    • Six month educational program entitled “CUBO+” aims to produce elite-level Bitcoin and Lighting developers through the Salvadoran university system.
    • Classes will range in topics from high-level technical development specific to Bitcoin, to distributed technologies such as Holepunch, Nostr and Web5


  • 01:49:30 Purple Text, Orange Highlights: How nostr can benefit readers and writers by Gigi


  • 01:49:41 Bitstamp suspends Services in Canada with 3 Days Notice [Twitter post]

Audience Questions

  • 01:49:56 “Is it possible to create your own multisig vault on paper, without using a wallet like Sparrow or Nunchuk?” @ARISTHODL
  • 01:51:23 “Will any combination of the 2048 seed words generate a valid private key? (I tried recovering a wallet with the first seed word replicated 24 times to see if this was valid, and perhaps had a history of transactions, but was unsuccessful.)”

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