I’m joined by guests Alex B, Rob Hamilton & Rijndael to discuss The Bitcoin Script Project.

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Discussion Topics

  • 00:01:11 Guest introductions
  • 00:01:49 Introduction to Bitcoin scripts
  • 00:05:10 Outlining the self custody scaling problem
  • 00:08:19 Summary of the various proposals
  • 00:12:44 Communicating information about the proposals
  • 00:17:46 Complexity of Bitcoin development: feature or bug?
  • 00:21:48 Unopinionated presentation of the opcodes
  • 00:25:51 Leveraging existing primitives
  • 00:28:54 Coordination, communication and interoperability
  • 00:33:53 Accessibility
  • 00:37:48 Leaderless development and rough consensus
  • 00:42:22 Next steps
  • 00:45:35 Community discourse
  • 00:47:30 Improving the feedback loop between industry and core development
  • 00:50:38 Prerequisite knowledge required to contribute to Bitcoin
  • 00:54:13 Open development, assessing claims and knowledge sharing
  • 01:04:41 Final thoughts

Notes & Resources

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