I’m joined by guests Steve Lee, Future Paul, Odell & Rijndael to go through the list.

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I’m joined by guests Steve Lee, Future Paul, Odell & Rijndael to go through the list.

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  • 00:02:49 Coinkite is looking for a very-very-technical technical writer to update and maintain COLDCARD’s docs. This would be a partime gig for someone looking to own them for years. Apply to jobs at coinkite.com with work samples and links.

Vulnerability Disclosures

  • 00:32:32 SATAn: Air-gap exfiltration attack via radio signals from SATA cables [ArXiv]
    • The researchers demonstrate how data can be exfiltrated from isolated computers using SATA cables, affecting even systems within virtual environments. [YouTube]
  • 00:35:45 Mullvad: possible DNS traffic leak outside VPN tunnel [Blog post]
    • Under certains conditions, DNS traffic can leak from Android devices regardless of the “always-on” option, stemming from bugs in Android OS.
  • 00:37:28 U.S. Federal officials alert on active exploitation of [CISA]
    • The active vulnerability allows account hijacks via password reset emails, and is still being exploited since its disclosure in January 2024.
  • 00:43:23 Coordinated attacks on Docker Hub via malicious repositories [JFrog Blog post]
    • Increase in cyberattacks targeting Docker, where attackers create millions of malicious repositories to distribute malware and orchestrate phishing scams.
  • 00:44:11 Cuckoo: Persistent macOS spyware/infostealer [Kandji Blog post]
    • Operates as a hybrid of spyware and infostealer, targeting targeting both Intel and ARM-based Macs, through deceptive software installations.
    • Employs modified application bundles and ad-hoc signatures to bypass security measures and perform unauthorized activities such as collecting system information and creating persistence on the host device.

Quick fire discussion topics

  • Miner centralization
  • 00:16:16 Ossification
  • 00:18:39 Dev funding


Software Releases & Project Updates

  • 00:48:24 Sparrow Wallet v1.9.0
    • Remove Whirlpool client, and other Soroban related features and dependencies
  • 00:50:04 COLDCARD
    • Shared Improvements - Both Mk4 and Q
      • Add Nunchuk and Zeus options to Export Wallet
      • View Identity shows temporary seed active at the top
      • Can specify start index for address explorer export and browsing
      • Allow unlimit ed index for BIP-85 derivations. Must be enabled first in Danger Zone
    • Q v1.2.0Q
      • Allow export of multisig XPUBs via BBQr
      • Import multisig via QR/BBQr - both legacy COLDCARD export and descriptors supported
      • Status bar text is sharper now
      • Added ability to write signed PSBT/txn to lower (B) SD slot when both cards inserted
    • Mk4 v5.3.0
      • When providing 12 or 18 word seed phrase, valid final word choices are presented in a new menu.
      • Move dice rolls (for generating master seed) to Advanced submenu.
      • Using “Verify Address” in NFC Tools menu, allows entry of a payment address and reports if it is part of a wallet this Coldcard knows the key for. Includes Multisig and single sig wallets.
        • searches up to the first 1528 addresses (external and change addresses)
        • stores data as it goes to accelerate future uses
        • worst case, it can take up to 2 minutes to rule out an address, but after that it is fast!
  • 00:52:16 Secp256k1 v0.5.0
    • New function secp256k1_ec_pubkey_sort that sorts public keys using lexicographic (of compressed serialization) order.
    • Changed:
      • The implementation of the point multiplication algorithm used for signing and public key generation was changed, resulting in improved performance for those operations.
      • The related configure option –ecmult-gen-precision was replaced with –ecmult-gen-kb (ECMULT_GEN_KB for CMake).
      • This changes the supported precomputed table sizes for these operations. The new supported sizes are 2 KiB, 22 KiB, or 86 KiB (while the old supported sizes were 32 KiB, 64 KiB, or 512 KiB).
  • 00:57:51 Umbrel v1.1.1
    • Add support for x86 devices
  • 00:58:10 Blockstream Green
    • iOS v4.0.27
      • Support push notification to receive lightning payments
      • Empty lightning account
      • Export lightning logs
  • 00:58:23 BlueWallet v6.6.3
    • Add privacy manifest for Apple
    • Number in widget should be formatted to be a decimal
  • 00:58:34 Nunchuk: Finney
    • Desktop v1.9.33
      • Add support for multiple subscriptions per account
      • Add the ability to seamlessly change types of keys (For subscribers)
    • Android v1.9.45
      • Add Ultra-High QR setting
      • Add support for multiple subscriptions per account
      • Add the ability to seamlessly change types of keys (For subscribers)
  • 1:03:58 Theya Inc. Bitcoin wallet
    • Single-key vaults: Create mobile vaults with optional encrypted iCloud backups [Announcement]
    • New web app [Announcement]
  • 1:06:46 10101
    • v2.3.0
      • Use correct leverage for trader liquidation price
    • v2.2.3
      • Automatically add app for review in testflight
      • Create release and add APK to CI release
      • Remove unused environment variable in CI
      • Do not hog chain_monitor lock during periodic_check
  • 1:06:52 BTCmap-android
    • v0.7.3
      • Remove sync progress indicator from the map screen
      • Add place directions
      • Add share location button
      • Add companion app warnings for the minority of places which require it
    • v0.7.2
      • Notify user of new places nearby
      • Perform daily sync in background
      • Handle API rate limiting
  • 1:07:10 Braiins Toolbox v24.04
    • Braiins OS: When installing Braiins OS, custom configuration of the firmware is now available in just one step
    • IP Range: Users can now enable or disable IP ranges in “Device Management”
    • Toolbox CLI: Users can bypass prompt messages on certain commands to conveniently use Toolbox in scripting

Project spotlight

  • 1:07:18 BBQr-rust: Rust implementation of the bbqr specification by @PraveenPerera [Github]
  • 1:08:40 Awning: a dockerized Bitcoin + LND + BTCPay node [Github]
    • “Something like Umbrel but lighter and portable. Something like RaspiBolt but easier and automated.”
  • Bitcoin Troubleshoot: App for bitcoiners to troubleshoot each other’s technical issues for sats, using nostr. [Github]
  • 1:09:47 GroupHug: Bitcoin transactions batching server [Twitter post]
    • The service does not provide any kind of privacy, allows participants to bump transaction fee at no extra cost [Github]
  • 1:09:54 Hodlboard: Freedit fork [Website]
    • Simple forum with “Inns” (a bit like subreddits) and “Solo” (for microblogging).
    • Access to the forum requires ownership of a single utxo greater than 500K sats.

Privacy Software

Software Releases & Project Updates

  • 1:10:25 Unleashed.Chat [Note]
    • Add beta web search (also charged for sats per generation)
    • Replacement of Mixtral 7B with 22B in progress

Project spotlight

  • 1:10:40 Emessbee: Unstoppable Coinjoins with No Coordinator by @super_testnet [Stacker.news]
    • The project initially started as a coinjoin-workshop at Btc++ 2024 [Github]
  • FOSS password manager Bitwarden launches new authenticator app for iOS and Android [Announcement]

Lightning + L2+

Software Releases & Project Updates

  • 1:20:24 LND v0.18.0-beta.rc1
    • Add experimental support for inbound routing fees
    • Add new config value sweeper.maxfeerate
    • Add support for pathfinding and payment to blinded paths
    • Add new config value, http-header-timeout
    • Update watchtowers to be Taproot ready
    • Add routerrpc.usestatusinitiated
    • Add helper command for collecting and encrypting useful debug information
    • Add mempool acceptance check prior to broadcasting
    • Introduce fee bumper
  • 1:20:47 Mutiny Node v0.6.7
    • Liquidity alpha3
    • Remove max federation invoice amount
    • nwc fixups
    • Better fedimint update streams
    • Better convert fedimint errors
  • 1:33:39 Breez SDK v0.4.0
    • Change background redeem swap notification message
  • 1:33:46 Blockstream Green iOS v4.0.27
    • Support push notification to receive lightning payments
    • Empty lightning account
    • Export lightning logs
  • 1:34:29 BoltzExchange boltz-backend v3.6.0
    • Add capability to connect to multiple Elements nodes with different transaction relay policies and selectively decide which one to use
  • 1:35:35 SwissBitcoinPay v2.0.13
    • Add com.google.android.gms
    • Use zxing qr scanner
  • 1:35:39 LNp2p Bot v0.10.2
    • Implement wizard on /setinvoice
    • LN Address support
  • 1:35:45 Geyser v0.8.0
    • Feature/boltz swap
      • on-chain contributions are swapped to lightning with no intermediaries, no custodians and low fees

Project spotlight

  • 1:36:10 clArk, an implementation of the Ark second-layer payment protocol for Bitcoin [Github]
  • 1:36:28 Helm Wallet: The lightning wallet even your grandma can use [Twitter post]
    • “Helm is a Liquid wallet that uses Boltz submarine swaps to disguise itself as a Lightning wallet” [Github]
    • All transactions must go on-chain, incurring both a network and operator fee (Boltz)

Vulnerability disclosures (cont.)

  • 1:37:15 “NPR CEO Katherine Maher is chairman of the board for Signal messaging app. But her history as a US-backed regime change operative and her opposition to a “free and open” internet have led some critics to fear that Signal may be compromised.” [City Journal]


Software Releases & Project Updates

  • 1:40:16 Primal
    • iOS v1.6.7
      • Top zaps
      • Note reactions
      • Thread view revamp
      • Lightning invoice rendering
    • Android v0.98.5
      • Implemented:
        • Top zaps on Threads screen
        • Note zaps screen
        • Videos in the Feed and Media Gallery
        • Support for GIF images
        • New screen transitions
        • Auto-adjust dark theme feature
        • Content Display settings
        • Copy text feature on highlighted note on Threads screen
        • Dark theme only media gallery
    • Web v0.105.1
      • Top zaps!
      • Thread view revamp
      • Expanded note reactions: added note mentions
  • 1:42:50 nos2x Note
    • NIP49 support
    • Display redirecting button to options page on first install, let users generate or setup new key
    • Display link to nosta.me, set up a profile right after key setup
  • 1:43:32 Mostro v0.11.6
    • Remove other unwraps and minor cosmetics
    • NIP40 expiration event

Project spotlight

  • 1:43:46 Iris Docs: collaborative document, canvas and chat on Nostr [Website]
    • Proof-of-concept collaborative tool featuring docs, canvas and an explorer for the underlying IrisDB data structure.
  • 1:43:53 ROASTr, Fedimint module for signing Nostr events using ROAST [Github]
    • ROAST is a robust threshold signing algorithm for producing Schnorr signatures.
    • Inspired by Nick Farrow’s Frostr
  • 1:44:09 Magstr, Nostr-based publication platform [Github]
    • Magstr aims to address industry challenges such as high costs and risks associated with content that does not resonate with users.
    • The platform utilizes a codebase built on Next.js, deployable on Vercel, and uses the Nostr network to fetch and display long-form content.
  • 1:44:28 NostrDVM: Nostr NIP90 Data Vending Machine Framework [Github]
    • This framework provides a way to easily build and/or run Nostr NIP90 DVMs in Python.
  • 1:44:49 NosDrive: Experimental Google Drive relay [GitLab]
    • NosDrive is a Nostr Relay that saves your events to Google Drive.


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    • [🏆 TOP BOOSTER] @apemithrandir (7,777 sats) “First they came for DMNs And I did not speak out Because I did not use DMNs Then they came for KYC-free CEX And I did not speak out Because I did not use KYC-free CEX Then they came for Custodial Mixers And I did not speak out Because I did not use Custodial Mixers Then they came for Coinjoins And I did not speak out Because I did not use Coinjoins Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me”
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Tech Tip of the Day

  • 1:54:58 ASCIImoji: A small library which replaces certain keywords in texts with ASCII emoticons [Github]

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

  • Highlights from recent Bitcoin Optech Newsletters
  • 300
    • CTV-like exploding keys proposal
      • Tadge Dryja introduces a proposal for a more efficient version of CTV. The method involves paying to a public key constructed from a MuSig2 aggregation, which commits to specific transaction details without requiring additional signatures.
    • Analyzing a contract protocol with Alloy
      • Dmitry Petukhov publishes a specification using the Alloy language on Delving Bitcoin, analyzing a simple OP_CAT-based vault.
      • Alloy is utilized to identify modifications and highlight critical constraints for potential implementors of the contract protocol.
    • CoreDev.tech Berlin event: many Bitcoin Core contributors met in person for a periodic CoreDev.tech event last month in Berlin. Transcripts

News & Noteworthy


  • 1:55:38 Ocean launches Lightning payouts for Bitcoin miners using BOLT12 [Announcement]
  • Lightning Labs CTO @Roasbeef announces first mainnet asset keysend payment with Taproot asset channels [Roasbeef Twitter post]
    • “This demo showcase direct keysend payments […], in order to take advantage of the network effects of the Bitcoin Backbone of the LN multi-hop is a necessity […]” [Github]
  • Coinbase integrates Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in partnership with Lightspark [Announcement]


  • 1:56:40 NIP-104: Double Ratchet (End-to-End Encrypted) DMs
    • Nostr contributor JeffG announced having found a way to bring E2EE DMs on Nostr, “in a way that is both forward and post-compromise secure AND doesn’t require any centralized servers” [Note]
  • 2:00:50 LightningTipBot and ln.tips are retiring [Note]
    • Developer Callebtc mentions the growing human and financial cost in running the bot as well as the cost attached to running a node in a high fee environment as the main reasons for turning off the bot.

Business & Finance

  • MicroStrategy introduces inscription-based Bitcoin DIDs [Bitcoin Magazine]
  • zkSNACKs is discontinuing its coinjoin coordination service as of June 1st, 2024 [Announcement]
  • Acinq has removed Phoenix Wallet from the US app stores on May 3rd, 2024 [Announcement]
  • Tether to implement Chainalysis monitoring system for secondary market activity [Blog post]
  • Custodia Bank appeals for Federal Reserve master account [TFTC]
    • Wyoming-based full-reserve cryptocurrency bank has filed an appeal against a court ruling that upheld the Federal Reserve’s decision to deny its application for a master account.
    • MicroStrategy announces a new platform named MicroStrategy Orange, which includes an open source protocol did:btc for managing decentralized identities (DIDs). [Github]
  • Block Inc. implements a bitcoin dollar cost average purchase program [Press release]
    • Throughout 2024, Block will be investing 10% of its gross profit from bitcoin products into bitcoin purchases.


  • 2:06:27 OpenSats receives an additional donation of $21M from #startsmall [Blog post]
    • “This donation will top up our funds and operations budget, with $15,000,000 going to our General Fund, $5,000,000 to The Nostr Fund, and $1M to our operations budget.”
  • 2:09:21 OpenSats grants long-term support for Shashwat Vangani [Blog post]
    • “This LTS grant will enable Shashwat to focus on the deployment of BOLT-12 within LDK, with a particular focus on blinded paths, invoice overpayments, and retrying invoice requests.”
  • 2:09:29 Spiral renews grants to @BitcoinZavior and Matt Morehouse
  • Bitcoin Berlín SV launches an incubator program [Announcement]
    • The 12 week long program aims to support existing and future local businesses with branding, projections, marketing and sales pitch.


  • PayPal’s initiative for ESG-compliant Bitcoin mining [Announcement]
    • The plan includes routing transactions to miners who use low-emissions energy, rewarding them with a locked Bitcoin bonus, accessible via a multisig script.
    • Miners can earn a “Green Proof” certification by achieving a high “Clean Energy Score” or “Grid Impact Score”


  • Elliptic: The Shape of Money Laundering [Research paper]
    • Blockchain analysis firm Elliptic collaborates with MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab to improve detection of money laundering in Bitcoin transactions [Announcement]


  • Bitcoin Core #27679: allows notifications sent using the ZMQ dispatcher to be published to a Unix domain socket [Merged]
  • Core Lightning #7240: adds support for retrieving required blocks from the Bitcoin P2P network if the local Bitcoin node has pruned them [Merged]
  • Eclair #2851: begins depending on Bitcoin Core 26.1 or greater and removes code for ancestor-aware funding [Merged]
  • LND #8627: now defaults to rejecting user-requested changes to channel settings that require above-zero inbound forwarding fees [Merged]
  • Libsecp256k1 #1058: changes the algorithm used for generating public keys and signatures [Merged]
  • BIPs #1068: swaps two parameters in BIP47 version 1 reusable payment codes to match an implementation in Samourai wallet [Merged]

Government & Political

  • DoJ opposes dismissal of Tornado Cash indictment [The Block]
    • The DoJ argues that Tornado Cash acted as a money transmitting business and that “The definition of ‘money transmitting’… does not require the money
  • Craight Wright discontinues UK libel proceedings against @hodlnaut [Hodlnaut Twitter post]
  • Roger Ver indicted with mail fraud, tax evasion and filing false tax returns [Press release]
    • Ver has been arrested in Spain based on the U.S. criminal charges. The U.S. plans to seek his extradition to face trial there.
  • Binance founder and former CEO CZ sentenced to 4 months in prison [CoinDesk] transmitter to have ‘control’ of the funds being transferred” [Court filling]
  • FBI warns Americans against using cryptocurrency money transmitting services that are not registered as Money Services Businesses [Notice]
  • Federal prosecutors are examining financial transactions at Block, owner of Cash App and Square [NBC News]
  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren claims Iran is exploiting Bitcoin mining to evade sanctions and support terrorism [The Hill]
    • The senators are seeking details on how extensively Iran uses cryptocurrency, and inquire about the steps the administration is taking to counteract these activities.
  • New EU rules to combat money-laundering adopted [Press release]
  • Nigeria’s National Security Adviser classified crypto trading as a national security issue [Techcabal]
    • “That designation means a new crypto regulation that will ban peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies is in the works”


  • Adopting Bitcoin El Salvador announces 2024 edition [Announcement]
    • November 15-16 in San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Financial Freedom Track at the Oslo Freedom Forum [Announcement]
    • The Human Rights Foundation announces the seventh annual Financial Freedom Track aimed at highlighting financial repression by authoritarian regimes and showcasing global resistance through open-source solutions
    • June 5, 2024 in Oslo, Norway
    • On June 3 and 4, HRF will conduct a Bitcoin 101 for Activists workshop series to educate nonprofit leaders on the secure and effective use of Bitcoin


  • Here’s a list of our top recently published reads:
    • BOLT12 has Arrived by Jeff Czyz [LDK Blog]
    • War of Attrition by Alex Bergeron [Bitcoin Magazine]
    • Nostr is Identity for the Internet [Hivemind]
    • “ASICs optimized for heat, not efficiency, will decentralize mining” [Braiins Blog]

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