I’m joined by guests Fiatjaf, William Casarin, Pablo & Odell to discuss Nostr.

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Discussion Topics:

  • 00:01:29 Guest introductions
  • 00:01:55 How far have things come with nostr?
  • 00:06:46 Ability to remove yourself from a client (Damus)
  • 00:09:08 Notes and highlighting on nostr
  • 00:15:39 Displaying notes
  • 00:21:52 Short notes and long notes
  • 00:26:28 DMs on nostr
  • 00:34:20 NIP-05 verifications
  • 00:36:53 Consensus on nostr and breaking changes
  • 00:45:31 Onlyzaps and NIP-47
  • 00:52:33 NIP-15 nostr marketplace
  • 01:00:47 Search, indexing and discoverability
  • 01:12:50 Nostr safe spaces
  • 01:14:16 File headers
  • 01:23:55 Calendars on nostr
  • 01:28:41 Key delegation/revocation
  • 01:38:16 RSS feeds (nostr RSS replacement?)
  • 01:43:58 Notifications and subscriptions
  • 01:47:34 Funding
  • 01:55:34 Roundup and final thoughts

Nostr Software Releases & Project Updates


  • Damus 1.4.1
    • Profile picture uploading
    • Reply counts in threads
    • Upload from camera
    • Offline posting
    • Fixed image cropping in timeline
    • Custom hashtags
  • Nosotros v0.3.2.3-alpha
    • NIP-27 supported and used as main implementation for mentions and reposting
    • Mentions and repost improved in Groups and DMs
  • Coracle 0.2.24
    • Replace localforage with loki.js for storage
    • Fix a bunch of bugs in content parsing
    • Add lists/custom feeds
    • Refactor component hiararchy
    • Re-work how modals stack
    • Enqueue context requests to reduce number of concurrent subscriptions
    • Use NIP-50 search to populate search results
    • Persist settings to nostr using NIP-78
  • Iris
    • You can now enable or disable likes, zaps, and reposts in settings [Martti Malmi/Demo]
  • Snort v0.1.7
    • Per event zap targets
    • Content warning (NIP-36)
    • Polls (NIP-69)
    • Snort subscriptions
    • NIP-94 File header support
    • Link previews
    • Cmd+Enter to post note
    • nostr: links (NIP-27)
    • Tending users on Search page
  • Amethyst v0.34.1
    • Additive Filters
    • Notification dots on additive filters
  • Current v0.0.8-Ojochal
    • User Badges
    • See a user’s badges on their profile screen
    • Check out a badges title and description by clicking on it
    • Edit your badges inside your profile
    • Relay Management
    • Add and remove relays in your network settings
    • Sync relays with other nostr clients
    • Mentions
    • Check the Zap Tab to see who zapped you
    • Added support for inline mentions (NIP27)
    • General
    • Zaps will now choose a Lightning Address over LNURL if both are present
  • https://www.nos.social/ v0.1-4
    • Added French translations, Chinese (Traditional) and updated Chinese (Simplified) translations.
    • Added a logout button in the Settings menu.
    • Minor performance improvements on Thread and Discover views.
    • Added an initial loading indicator when you first open the Home or Discover tabs.


  • Rust Nostrv0.21.0
    • Complete NIP46 integration into nostr-sdk
    • Refactoring nostr-sdk
    • Fix: Relay Tag seralization
    • Blocking with_remote_signer
    • NIP46 delegation response
  • nostr-keyx: Nostr Key Management Extension v1.5.0
    • Add a prompt page to allow access to NIP-07 functions
    • Support NIP-06 mnemonic seed phrase
    • Update injection method for Chrome 111


  • Nblog v0.3.0
    • Display package version on footer 9e19a52 and be74bbd
    • Add a nice underline under post titles 738fa23
    • Add author information to Posts 002de8b
  • Habla.news


  • NIP-15: Nostr Marketplace (formally NIP-45) merged
  • NIP-47: Nostr Wallet Connect
    • Makes zaps possible without the user needing to open a different app to only pay a Lightning invoice
  • NIP-94 - File Header Merged
    • The purpose of this NIP is to allow an organization and classification of shared files. So that relays can filter and organize in any way that is of interest. Also the goal is to create a base on the protocol for this bountsr “Filesharing App” (https://bountsr.org/p2p-filesharing/) to be implemented.
    • It allows the app to create image galleries (memes, animations) that can be reused countless times in different notes. As it exists in whatsapp, telegram, etc.
    • Suggested use cases:
    • A relay for indexing shared files. For example to promote torrents
    • A Pinterest-like relay and app where people can share their portfolio and inspire others.
    • A simple way to distribute configurations and software updates.
    • Specialized relays can provide collections of emojis, memes and animated gifs to be used in notes.
    • NIP-94 descriptors to the rescue of the visually impaired community? [Vitor Pamplona ]


  • The Bitcoin Company v1.27
    • Send a gift card as a gift via email or Nostr DM.
  • Arcade v0.0.5-alpha - A Nostr chat app for Android & iOS.
    • If a user has a LUD16 (Lightning Address), you’ll see a zap icon on their chat message.
    • If you have a LUD16 (Lightning Address) associated with your user account, you can now receive chat zaps.

Nostr Project spotlight

Pablo’s Nostr Projects

  • nostrit - Publish a Nostr note when something happens
  • Nostri.chat - A chat widget for your site, powered by nostr
  • Zaplife - Counts and display all the Zaps sent in the last 4 hours
  • Zapworthy - Purple Text. Orange Highlights. Keeping the words you find valuable running on Nostr.
  • ananostr - Nostr-powered classifieds
  • highlighter.com [Testing site]

Jeff’s Nostr Projects

Will’s Nostr Projects


  • lightningrelay.com - Nostr relay requires a one-time admission fee, paid via Lightning invoice.

Nostr music

Blogging & Writing


  • N3XB: Naive Nostr No-KYC Exchange for Bitcoin [Github]
    • N3X (Naive Nostr No-KYC Exchange) is a layer 2 protocol inspired by, and runs on top of Nostr.
    • The goal is to be a simple but extensible protocol to facilitate exchanges and marketplaces in an interoperable, censorship-resistant, privacy-aware, and decentralized manner.


  • Nostr Nests - An audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences, etc.
  • Jester - Chess over nostr
  • Sendstr - e2e encrypted shared clipboard app built on top of Nostr
  • anigma - Nostr-based Telegram clone
  • nvote - Nostr-based Reddit clone
  • Nobsbin Decentralized pasting platform built on nostr
  • Nostrocket (Launches today, 25th April!)
    • A Self Organizing Unorganization (SOU) factory built with Bitcoin and Nostr.
    • Provides a fair way for anyone to collaborate on open source projects for fun and profit.
  • nostr-chat-widget-react - A React component that provides a live-chat widget over nostr that can be embedded into any website.
  • notebin - Gist clone built on Nostr with support for markdown and code highlighting
  • homebrew-nostr - Homebrew tap for Nostr software.
  • Votestr.com - Poll web app with nostr authentication and blind signature unlinkability
  • Nostr.band
  • RSS feed - Create your own RSS feed for Nostr. Subscribe to a person, hashtag, keyword + more
  • Search Bot - Get new posts matching your search query
  • listr.lol - Allows you to browse your own lists and the lists of other users.
  • translate.nostrich.land - AI-based translation API service to help people communicate with the world on nostr

Nostr Memes of the week

News & Noteworthy

Nostr alternatives/competitors

  • Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative Bluesky hits Android [Decrypt]
    • Bluesky, the Twitter alternative backed by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, has now rolled out to Android users.
  • Pablo’s take on Bluesky:
    • “As a dev, I take a look at bluesky’s spec and feels overwhelmingly bloated and confusing. As a dev, I take a look at nostr’s NIP-01, realize I don’t need to read anything else, and build something 10 minutes later. Not quite the same.” [Note]
    • “I mean, the mere fact that you need an invite code to try an “open protocol” it’s like the most idiotic thing ever.” [Note]


  • [Civ Kit: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Market System] proposed by Nicholas Gregory, Ray Youssef & Antoine Riard [Whitepaper]
    • Step-by-step explanation by [Protus]
    • A seller lists their item for sale via a bulletin board (a Nostr server associated with a Bitcoin Lightning Network onion gateway).
    • The bulletin board publishes the listing to all of its Nostr followers.
    • A willing buyer examines the listing and submits a hashed timelock contract (HTLC) via the Bitcoin Lightning Network that supports Civ Kit’s trade escrow contract.
    • The seller delivers the good or service and requests funds from escrow. The buyer releases escrowed funds.
  • How to use zapworthy to nostrify ANYTHING valuable on the web using zapworthy-bookmarklet [video by Pablo, written by Bumi]
  • Machankura users who use their 8333.mobi lightning address on nostr can now receive zaps. [kgothatso]


  • “Sent out another to 10,000,000 sats each to @verbiricha​ , @Klabo​ and @swiftobjc​ which I missed from the previous round. Still 418,000,000 sats left from half of @jack​‘s #nostr fund ! Lets keep building 🛠️ “ [JB55]
  • nostr.fund



  • BTCsessions releases a new tutorial on how to create a self-sovereign Zap setup for Nostr [Note]


  • “Nostrasia update: 90% probability we will be in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo.” [McShane]

Notes & Resources






  • nashboard - A Nostr network dashboard with network statistics
  • nostr.io - Network statistics with last published notes, top 50 publishers, and top 50 followed users
  • nostr.band - Nostr Real Time Statistics

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